Building Magazine CPD Modules: Sustainable Steel Buildings

Steel for Life has partnered with Building magazine in 2017 to deliver a series of written CPD modules. Each module contains a full technical article followed by a link to a multiple-choice questionnaire which can be completed on-line. All are fully CPD accredited.

The series is aimed at design and construction professionals and will cover a variety of topics.

The first article titled Sustainability Steel buildings and was released in Building magazine in March 2017.

About the CPD: Sustainable steel buildings

Steel offers sustainability credentials through the whole life-cycle of a building, and is an excellent choice of framing material to deliver high-scoring BREEAM projects. This CPD article examines a number of steel’s sustainability credentials – both established and emerging – including its:

  • Off-site manufacturing process
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Performance in regard to embodied carbon
  • Ability to be re-used, recycled and multi-cycled
  • Alignment with circular economy principles

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