Supply of UK Structural Steelwork Assured

The British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) continues to assure the construction sector that the ongoing issues around UK steelmaking will not affect the structural steelwork sector’s delivery of current and future projects.

BCSA says that procuring constructional steelwork from a UK or Irish steelwork contractor is the best way to support UK steelmaking:

  • UK and Irish steelwork contractors understand the government’s new procurement requirements for steel, and provide the clearest route for compliance
  • Using a UK or Irish steelwork contractor adds additional value to the UK economy through the whole supply chain including the fabrication of the steelwork, and the supply of other products and services such as secondary steelwork, metal decking, protective coatings and cladding
  • Overseas steelwork contractors are very unlikely to procure UK-made steel because of the additional time and cost

The UK and Ireland have an efficient steel distribution sector that services the structural steelwork sector well with a balance of UK and high quality imported steels. UK and Irish steel distributors hold high levels of stock and a wide range of products for all construction and infrastructure end-uses.

The UK structural steelwork sector is expected to grow in volume terms by 4% in 2016 as it meets the demands of the growing construction sector. The growth of the UK structural steelwork sector will not be constrained by steel supply and the sector can deliver current and planned construction projects.

A new report from KPMG says that UK steelwork contractors have sufficient capacity to meet forecast demand for constructional steelwork, without the need for capital investment. The KPMG report concludes that the UK’s constructional steelwork capacity lies between 1,142,000 and 1,343,000 tonnes against forecast demand for constructional steelwork of 1,050,000 tonnes in 2016.

UK and Irish steelwork contractors are the most efficient in the world in terms of design capability and productivity.

The delivery of steel framed buildings and steel structures in the UK is almost wholly done by UK and Irish ased steelwork contractors. This delivers a range of advantages to clients including shorter lead times, contractual security, exceptional quality of design work, better logistics on site and an excellent health & safety record.

Structural steel remains price competitive against other construction materials – latest modelling by Gardiner & Theobald shows the cost of a steel framed building is around 5% lower than a concrete framed building with steel prices offset by increases in operating costs for steelwork contractors, such as wages.

BCSA and the UK constructional steelwork sector support UK Steel’s calls for a level playing field for UK steelmaking and the government’s new steel procurement requirements. A UK supply of high quality steel creates a competitive and efficient market, and supports the UK economy.